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Planet Hospital - Excellent Surrogacy Provider
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PlanetHospital: This is the only US BASED Mexican Surrogacy company (located in Los Angeles California), at first glance, this company, which was started in 2002 seemed to have a few negative reviews about them but upon closer scrutiny it was evident that this was a malicious attack. They have a team of people that definitely care about what they do. They were the first to do gay surrogacy in India, they brought surrogacy to Panama (before it shut down), and were the first to commercialize it in Mexico. The company has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2002. PlanetHospital's takes care of the surrogate recruitment and the entire surrogacy program from "beginning to baby."
Kiran Clinic India - Nothing but a Scam
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This is my experience with the worst IVF clinic I have seen – Kiran IVF Clinic
Dr Adrian Flores: Don't be fooled by a slick website and images of a fancy office.
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Dr Adrian Flores: Don't be fooled by a slick website and images of a fancy office. Dr Adrian Flores, who was previously working for another surrogacy agency has proven to be a person who mistreats surrogates and plays fast and loose with the rules of surrogacy in Mexico. He refused to compensate a surrogate in full, he recruited a 40 year old MARRIED surrogate, and claims over a dozen pregnant surrogates but none that can be independently verified. These reviews come with proof, see the videos below and the contract. People who have visited Dr Flores' office claim that it is nothing more than a few desks, photos of former patients that are NOT surrogacy related but rather pregnancy related, and an icebox.
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Located at the Angeles Hospital, it is a clinic that has its heart in the right places but new and naïve to foreign surrogacy (focusing mostly on wealthy Mexican clients for IVF mostly with some egg banking and surrogacy). The head of the clinic is a dentist (in Mexico, dentists do go through med school training first).

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